DC Travel Bureau Wins 2016 Spectrum Award


“Congratulations are in order to you and your team at D.C. TRAVEL BUREAU INC. for winning the Spectrum Award and earning a 5 star rating!”

DC Travel Bureau receives Spectrum Award for excellent customer service

“Our mission is to support businesses that provide excellence in customer satisfaction. We award and give voice to those exceptional companies. Spectrum Award Winners are rated using our exclusive research and proprietary algorithm. This allows us to provide independent ratings that remove bias and uniquely recognize businesses providing exceptional customer experiences.”

– City Beat News

Visit Croatia This Summer

DC Travel Bureau would like to feature these events

happening in Croatia this Summer!

Visit Croatia this Summer

Pula Film Festival, Pula

July 09-16, 2016

The Pula Film Festival is the oldest Croatian film festival, held annually in a Roman amphitheater known as the Pula Arena.

67th Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Dubrovnik

July 10 – August 25, 2016

Dubrovnik’s spectacular summer festival, one of the oldest in the country, features a rich and vibrant theater, classical music, opera, ballet, jazz, film, and fine arts program.

Ultra Europe Music Festival (UMF), Split

July 15-17, 2016

The ULTRA Music Festival is an annual outdoor electronic music festival that brings some of the most popular DJs in the world together for a 3-day long outdoor party. This festival will take place at the Poljud Stadium in Split.

Days of Diocletian, Split

August 01-31, 2016

The citizens of Split show their 1,700 years of history by returning to their ancient past through this luxurious event. Participants stroll through the streets of the former palace clad in togas and tunics and vintage carriages pass along the waterfront, taking a present-day Emperor Diocletian and his entourage to the Peristile, where the actor addresses citizens just as Diocletian once did.

The 301st Sinjska Alka Tournament, Sinj

August 05-07, 2016

The Sinjska Alka is a chivalric tournament that takes place annually in the town of Sinj. During the tournament, knights ride horses at full gallop along a main street, aiming lances at an iron ring hanging on a rope.